Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Death is Faithful

जिंदगी तो बेव़फा हैं एक दिन ठुकरायेगी
मौत मेहबूबा हैं अपने साथ लेकर जायेगी
मर के जीने की अदा जो दुनियां को सिखलायेगा 
वो मुकद्दर् का सिकंदर, जान-ए-मन कहलायेगा

These are immortal words by the great Indian lyricist Anjaan.  The crude translation is

Life is unfaithful, one day it will leave you
Death is a lover, it will take you with it 
The one who will teach the world
How to live after dying
will be called the king of destiny, my dear"

This is not my first post on death. Unfortunately, i
have seen death from very close quarters in the last few years. I have earlier written about death and my contradictions with life and death. 

This post is about a bird , a female Asian koel which took its last breath in our house in full presence of my family and couple of friends. It was sad to see her die. But it was inevitable and her time was up. 

It was 10:30 AM on a sunday and as usual we were late for a function and were hurrying up. As i drove my car past the neighbourhood, my wife  spotted a strange hurt bird on the road. I did not bother much about it. 

We returned in the afternoon and couple of my friends were at home. As we were chatting on the road, we spotted the bird again. It was a female Asian Koel. She was in a very bad condition. We tried to give her some water . But she refused. 

We did not know what do about it. We did not want to see her die. We did not want to leave her on the road. So my friend picked it up and got it to our house. I called my cousin who is an ornithologist. We sent her the pictures . I asked my friends on facebook on what i could do about it. 

Unfortunately, we learnt that the bird was in her last stages and had given up food and water. 

However, my fried tried to give her some water but she violently refused. The fact is, Asian koel birds in their last stages give up water and food and wait for their inevitable call. They know when their life mission is over and will wait for their lover (death) without food and water. 

She took her last breath as we stood in our little garden silently observing her. We had made friends with her and let her go in 4 hours. It was a strange feeling. 

As the lyricist Anjaan said, Our Koel left food and water for her lover (Mehabooba) . It is so strange that the hurt bird was on the road all day and we ignored her. The guilt of ignoring her will always haunt me.

When we came back in the afternoon she was waiting for our nursing. She finally took her last breath in our house. Probably this is what is called destiny. 

Our friend thought us two priceless lessons. We must not have ignored her when we first saw her dying on the road. It is so sad that we were more interested in attending a ceremony leaving an old and hurt life on the road. 

The exit from the world should be graceful. By design or default, our little friend thought us the importance of leaving a graceful footprint before leaving the world. RIP my Friend. 

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