Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Communicating generation................!!

In today's commercial world, Mobile phone is the most important tool that one has to have. At least for me the world will stop without the cell phone and Internet connectivity. I do most of my work over the mobile and lot of business happens over it. I normally share my work with a friend of mine. Today we had to call a very important guy to explain to him certain things. Me and my friend were sitting just after lunch and we remembered that we have to call this important guy. I said that i am not interested and he must make the call. He was also not very interested and finally i ended up making the call and striking the deal too!!!!

A few minutes back, my cell phone rang again may be the 100th call today and i picked it up cursing the inventor of the phone. Well, i really don't have a choice but i must say the cell phone has made the work so easy.

For a moment today evening, this stuff about phone receiving and calling took me to my childhood. I remember clearly that i was in fifth standard when we got the phone to our house. We were a large family in a big house in Basavanagudi. We were 11 people in the house with many people visiting us often. If i remember right, we had to wait for 4 years to get the connection after applying for it (A month back i got a second land line to my house just 3 days after applying for it). I was so excited with the phone that i used to stand next to it to receive the phone call. I was not going out of the house because i would miss lifting the phone. I had memorized all the relatives' phone number and whenever anybody in the house wanted to call anyone, i used to run to the phone and dial for them. I used to get tips from cousins and relatives on how to receive the phone. The phone was something very exciting. Whenever there was no phone call for a while, i used to call 161 and the phone used to ring after disconnecting. Sometimes i used to make the phone ring, lift it, pretend that it was my friend, disconnect and give missed call to my school the number for which was on my progress report and i had memorized it. Now all these sounds stupid but 16 years back that was so exciting and so much fun.

The cell phone is a exciting stuff today as well. I started with a borrowed black and white cell phone in 2004 and just six months later my cousin gifted me the latest phone with polyphonic ring-tones. A year later he bought me an expensive phone with camera, blue tooth and what not and just as i write this, my phone is ringing which now has wi-fi, Internet, multimedia and what not.

Only the cell phone is exciting but using the phone is not exciting. On the phone,People crib at me , i crib at others, people shout at me, i shout at others. Of course women don't call me.
Most times, i end up checking mail for no good reason and only addiction. For no good reason, i tweet saying that i am tweeting . I have a lot of information, but don't know what to do with the information.

I enjoy my work, i enjoy meeting and talking to people. I do lot of my work over the phone. All the coordination can be done with least effort.Project deals are done over phone. Payments are made and received over it.The phone and my outspokenness over it has taken me to people in power, earned some appreciation somewhere, have made my voice heard somewhere and at the same time on many occasions has got me into a lot of trouble.

All in all, the cell phone has made certain things really easy. But i feel somewhere something is missing. My father was a better engineer and even better manager than i am without any of these tools. With 3 mobiles, 2 landlines and two computers at home, i don't even know how much money i spent last week or last month.

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