Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Know your spouse.

Today i visited Art of living on my way back from kanakpura. As i had some time on hand, i walked around a little visiting all "Divine stores" and managed to buy only something of my interest-sweets , juice and some chocolates. Other divine items were left divinely.

As i walked out of a store, i bumped into a bizarre poster which said "Know your spouse". It was a very strange poster. I assume one knows his or her spouse in all respects before getting married. Well, this is only a presumption since i am not married.

Well, its not right for me to comment on this since this was the very first time i visited Art of living. I have no idea what they do or what their philosophy is. Out of curiosity i visited the place.

Art of living apart, has the institution of marriage become so weak that a spiritual organization conducts a course for half a day to know your spouse ? Its a different question altogether that if half a day is enough to know your spouse ? As i said earlier, i stand disqualified to comment on this.

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